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Wash lotion

Baktolin® is a range of alkali- and soap-free lotions with a skin friendly pH value to maintain the natural protective acid mantle with thorough but gentle cleansing properties.

Baktolin pure – mild, fragrance- and colorant free washing lotion with good skin tolerance for normal skin

Baktolin sensitive – mild and nourishing washing lotion for the gentle cleansing.


Product Benefits

Baktolin pure

For thorough hand cleansing

Skin tolerance

  • Alkali- and soap-free
  • Skin-friendly and pH-value
  • Contains wheat proteins and allantoin


  • Mild surfactants
  • Gentle cleansing


Baktolin sensitive

Wash lotion for gentle hand cleansing

Skin tolerance 

  • Alkali- and soap free
  • Skin-friendly pH-value
  • Contains wheat proteins and allantoin


  • Cleanses thoroughly and gently


  • Pleasant, discreet fragrance
  • Wheat proteins smooth the skin and supports the skin’s cell generation

Baktolin pure and Baktolin sensitive have no antimicrobial ingredients. It is solely for skin cleansing.

Application areas

Baktolin pure has a skin neutral pH-value and skin-mild tensides which preserves the sensitive protective acid mantle of the skin.

Baktolin pure is also suited for sensitive skin due to its fragrance- and colourant free formula.

Baktolin pure is suitable for the use in the following areas:

• In all hospital areas and medical practices / centers

• In nursing homes

• Suitable for home nursing

• In food processing areas

• In industrial kitchens

• In the industry and labroratories

Directions for use

Using a dispenser or a bottle with mounted pump distribute a sufficient amount of Baktolin pure on to hands or skin, foam up with water and rinse thoroughly. Hands or skin should be dried off thoroughly.

Ordering Details

Description Product code NHS code Pieces per box
Baktolin pure 1000ml 981329 MRB843 10
Baktolin pure 500ml 981328 N/A 20
Baktolin sensitive 500ml 981333 N/A 20