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Matoke Holdings is a British biotechnology company which has developed a novel Reactive Oxygen® technology platform. This patent protected technology delivers outstanding antimicrobial activity against all the WHO crisis bacteria, including multidrug resistant strains. Through the work of leading University researchers the technology has also been shown to disrupt and destroy biofilm and may also act as an immunomodulatory stimulus to further improve wound healing. Reactive Oxygen® “the next major breakthrough in topical and deep surgical wound healing and infection control.” Matoke is developing a portfolio of products based on this Reactive Oxygen® technology, which it believes will be transformative in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds and, by virtue of its mode of action, is unlikely to encourage the development of resistance. It is therefore likely to play an important role in sparing the use of conventional antibiotics. A substantial body of clinical evidence of the efficacy of the technology exists in the literature and new publications are in development.


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