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WestCare is a manufacturer of a total range of donning and doffing aids for compression stockings. From extra comfort to complete self-supporting devices, at WestCare you will find the solution that fits you best.

The initial stages of development of WestCare goes back decades. Steven’s (the Founder) grandfather initially created a device in the mid-80’s for his great grandma to allow her to put on and remove stockings herself. In 2004, Steven suffered from an accident himself where he had to wear compression stockings, the need for a device to put these on and off with ease and independence was still an issue. Through various product developments and improvement stages, Steve+ was born along with a range of other products to support users. WestCare continue to innovate products, with the aim of optimising the convenience of wearing support stockings.


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Steve+ EasyON

Steve+ Glide Dolphin