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L-Mesitran is a pioneering product range, based on Medical Grade Honey, available worldwide since 2002 with excellent clinical results.  These advanced wound care dressings from Holland were the first to receive the CE mark and FDA approval. They have been used on a variety of severe wounds around the globe, including antibiotic resistant (MRSA) infected wounds.

The L-Mesitran range has 5 key properties:

• Antimicrobial

• Anti-inflammatory

• Debrides & reduces malodour

• Stimulates wound healing

• Safe & cost-effective

The founding father of the products, dr. Theo Postmes, published in the renowned Lancet journal and since then the efficacy of the L-Mesitran products has been described in a variety of international publications. L-Mesitran currently is incorporated in many standard wound care protocols around the world.

L-Mesitran offers a natural breakthrough in woundcare.


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