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Steve+ Glide Dolphin

Stocking application aid

Stockings are essential for many people across the world, but they can be a struggle to put on and remove.

Steve+® Glide Dolphin helps users put on compression stockings without the strain.


Product Benefits

What is the Steve+ Glide Dolphin?

The Steve+ Glide Dolphin can help you put on open toe stockings with ease.

This product is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small ( shoe size 34-40 )
  • Large ( shoe size 41-48 )

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use aid for putting on open toe compression stockings
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • For use with all types of open toe compression stockings

Applying Steve+ Glide Dolphin*

The Steve+ Glide Dolphin can be used with all types of open toe compression stockings.

  1. Place the Glide Dolphin over your foot
  2. Slide compression stocking over the top of the Glide Dolphin
  3. When stockings are in place, take hold of the yellow handle and pull Glide Dolphin out of the open toe

Application of Steve Glide Dolphin

Removal of Steve Glide Dolphin

*See product insert leaflet for full instructions for use

Ordering Details

Description Product code
Steve+ Glide Dolphin Small SGO119822014
Steve+ Glide Dolphin Large SGO219822014

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