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L-Mesitran Net

Antimicrobial honey dressing

L-Mesitran® Net dressing is a powerful combination of Medical Grade Honey and antioxidants to provide antimicrobial action and increase patient compliance.

The Net is a sterile open-weave mesh dressing coated with a hydro-active honey-hydrogel.


Product Benefits

  • Antibacterial properties
  • Contains 20% Medical Grade Honey with antioxidants
  • Allows for passage of exudate through the dressing
  • The honey-hydrogel coating provides some absorption and fluid retention to provide a moist wound healing environment
  • Non adherent to the wound bed
  • A great replacement for impregnated gauzes

‘The antimicrobial efficacy of medical grade honey’ symposium EWMA, 2020

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L-Mesitran Net is indicated for low to heavy exuding chronic wounds.

  • Chronic wounds e.g pressure ulcers, venous and diabetic ulcers
  • Superficial and acute wounds e.g. cuts, abrasions and donor sites
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns (1st and 2nd degree)
  • Fungating wounds
  • Acute wounds e.g. donor sites, surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions


Applying L-Mesitran Net*

Applying L-Mesitran Net 

  1.  Inspect and if necessary, cleanse the wound as per local protocols
  2.  Remove the sterile dressing from the pouch
  3.  Peel the dressing off the clear plastic backing sheet and apply the freshly-exposed side to the wound
  4.  Cover and secure with the appropriate secondary dressing
  5.  Inspect the wound and the surrounding tissue regularly

Frequency of use

The dressing can remain in place for up to 3-5 days, dependent upon the amount of exudate.

Where appropriate, L-Mesitran Net may stay in place while the secondary dressing is changed.

Single patient use only.

Ordering Details

Description Size Piece per box Product code PIP code NHS code
L-Mesitran Net 10 x 10cm 10 612.10 314-1017 ELZ127