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Kliniderm film

Kliniderm® film is a self adhesive, transparent, and semi-permeable film dressing. Providing a flexible and transparent covering to protect the wound either as a primary or secondary dressing.


Product Benefits

  • Flexible, transparent covering
  • Protects the wound from viral and bacterial contamination
  • Provides a barrier to fluid strike-through
  • Maintains moist wound environment
  • Vapour permeable to prevent maceration
  • Suitable as a primary or secondary dressing
  • Film dressings may provide mechanical protection


Kliniderm film is suitable for dry to lightly exuding, granulating wounds.

Applying Kliniderm film

  1. Clean the wound area according to local protocols. Ensure the peri-wound skin is dry
  2. Select a suitable size so that the dressing overlaps the wound margins 
  3. Gently apply directly onto the wound site and smooth down to secure dressing

Removal: to remove, gently peel back the dressing until its completely removed from the wound.

Ordering Details

Kliniderm film

Size Pieces per box Product code PIP code
4cm x 5cm 50 40514840 417-8430
5cm x 7.2cm 50 40514841 417-8398
10cm x 10cm 50 40514842 417-8364
10cm x 12cm 50 40514843 417-8372
10cm x 15cm 50 40514844 417-8356
10cm x 20cm 50 40514845 417-8380
10cm x 25cm 50 40514846 417-8448
10cm x 30cm 50 40514847 417-8406
15cm x 20cm 50 40514848 417-8539
20cm x 30cm 50 40514849 417-8455