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Based in the North East of England, Chemviron Cloth Division is the Manufacturer of the Zorflex® range of wound dressings. Chemviron is part of the Calgon Carbon Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh USA, and is a world leading manufacturer of activated carbon products. The Cloth Division specialises in the manufacture of activated carbon cloth. Calgon Carbon Corporation is owned by the Kuraray Co Ltd, a major chemicals manufacturer based in Japan. 

The Zorflex® wound dressing is an activated carbon wound contact layer manufactured from a 100% activated carbon textile.  Zorflex® is naturally antimicrobial without releasing anything into the body, attracting bacteria by physical action, utilising the naturally occurring attractive forces within the carbon. It also reduces elevated proteinase (MMPs), is conductive and manages odour, contributing to accelerating healing.

Zorflex® was launched in 2016 and was followed in 2019 by Zorflex® LA, a low adherent version of the dressing. Zorflex® Plus and Zorflex® Plus LA will launch in late 2020/early 2021 and will include a gelling fibre superabsorbent within the structure to absorb exudate and remove the need for a secondary dressing. 


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Zorflex LA